Life Changing Gap Year

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What Is The iALA Gap Year?

iALA (International Academy for Leadership through Adventure) is a purpose driven gapyear. Discover your personal style, talents and your gifts. Adventure is the medium and our Christian values the habitat for self-discovery.

  • Leadership Skills
  • Ocean Skills & Scuba Qualification
  • Career Development

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leadership through adventure

What iALA

At iALA we use the medium of adventure to teach students how to learn and develop through their experiences, and thus equip them to start a continuous improvement journey as they encounter different experiences in life. We embrace the fun, challenges and risks associated with adventure to help students acquire valuable life principles and skills. The term we used is: “Adventure Based Learning” (ABL) and our aim is to unlock potential.

Leadership Skills


Ocean Skills & Scuba Qualification


Career Development


Managers As Leaders


Events & Expeditions


Emotional Intelligence


Weapons Competency Licensing & Hunting


First Aid Level 3


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Our Offerings

We expose students to situations where they can develop the following skills: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, judgement and decision making, service orientation, negotiation, cognitive flexibility. In a complex world these skills will give clarity of purpose – the True North of Life.

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Life Changing Gap Year

An Experience Of A Lifetime

“Back to the Future”. This oxymoron emphasizes the importance of looking at our experiences to find vision and a value-based code of conduct. This shows us how the medium of ADVENTURE can enhance personal development. Jan Heenop is in this industry since he was 17. Over a period of more than 40 years he has discovered that adventure-based learning is all about discovering potential within the bigger context of a Creator that offer a habitat for self-discovery. For this to happen identity and accountability needs to align.

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What Students Are Saying

This changed my life. There is no price worthy of this experience.

Jean-Martin Le Roux

iALA showed me I am capable of more than I ever imagined.

Rowan Poortier

The iALA experience made me realize who I am truly meant to be, what I want for myself and opened my eyes to the joy that can be found in the simple things in life.

Olivia Strydom (Du Preez)