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The ACADEMY approach focuses on adventure programs as a stimulus for sustainable personal development. The following programs is what we offer;

Die AKEDEMIESE benadering fokus op avontuurprogramme as ‘n stimulus vir volhoubare persoonlike ontwikkeling. Die volgende programme is wat ons aanbied;

2.1. GAPYEAR STUDENTS. This program focuses on 18 – 22 year olds and spans a period of 40 weeks. We combine adventure, experiences, training as well as voluntary conservation initiatives to stimulate personal growth. The quality networks they create, build or break our society. Our strength lies in our developing communities. The essence of what is recommended is educational service delivery with the aim of equipping young people, providing training and providing employment opportunities to assure the need for basic securities. This is one of the top priorities for what will be important in the next decade. GAPYEAR students are prepared in the iALA program in four (4) ways to tackle their careers and are further divided into three (3) modules.





Experiential LearningTrainingQualities of leadershipSelf-efficacy



Target group: Selected post matrics.
Duration: 10 Weeks. Begins January 25 through to March 31, 2021.
Quantity: 30
Admission requirement: Selection and continuous evaluation.


  • Fitness
  • Teamwork (Ocean skills, parade work and group activities)
  • Personal skills (hygiene, dress, personal descipline)
  • Veldkennis & Field Guide Training
  • Ethical hunting & shooting
  • Survival skills as well as map work and navigation along the sea coast.
  • First Aid Level III (Adventure Risk Management and Practical Emergency Disaster Application)
  • A VALUE driven lifestyle
  • Christian values
  • Survival, Knysna Forest
  • Academic and / or technical skills examinations as well as career exposure


Target Group: Succesfull Completion of Module 1
Duration: 10 Weeks. Begin April 19 to June 25, 2021.
Quantity: <30
Admission requirement: Module 1 completed and continuous evaluation.


  • Budgets & Personal Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Computer skills
  • Management skills
  • ADVENTURE Leadership Development. Great 5 qualities of leadership for OUTDOOR and ADVENTURE activities
  • Basic legal knowledge
  • Mentoring and Action Coaching
  • Weapon competency rating for weapons possession (Optional extra)
  • Conflict management and problem solving
  • Self-defense
  • Tracking
  • Hike Fish River
  • Hunting Expedition (Optional extra)


Target Group: Students that succesfully completed Module 2
Duration: 12 weeks: Begins August 2 to October 29, 2021.
Quantity: <30
Admission requirement: Module 2
Board Selection Process complete evaluation with assessors and moderators


  • Family values & faith
  • Cultural diversity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Small boat handling
  • Community project
  • SCUBA Dive 101
  • Tactical shooting level 1 & 2
  • Strategic development and planning
  • Emergency Disaster Management, Search & Rescue (Life Rescue)
  • Rock climbing and Rope Access skills
  • BIG 5 Leadership & Application
  • Career exposure (Technical & Academic options)
  • Extreme Bootcamp & Final Vasbyt
  • Year-end Function


The SETA, NQF 5 Accredited qualification empowers you, as a leader, to master basic management skills to successfully tackle your first career. We call this diploma; “Adventure based leadership and management skills”. We believe that the importance of understanding your immediate environment and the importance of life, can be learned with our curriculum. The training starts off with a routine of fitness and a selection phase of 3 weeks. This will be followed up by the introduction to the methodology and online training guidelines. Every phase is been build upon the theory and a follow up of a practicum component working towards a minimum of 120 credits and 1200 hours of training. The diploma must be completed over a minimum period of one year but not more than 24 months. Students who don’t complete their theory and practicum within this timeframe will be unsuccessful.

Phase i. Adventure theory and practicum
Phase ii. Basic Management
Phase iii. Leadership skills
Phase iv. Risk management


Each and every one of us wants to go on an adventure from time to time without learning how to do this adventure (your personal adventure skills) from scratch. iALA helps you fulfil one of your “wish list” dreams.

2.3.1. Survival. The selection phase of iALA offers students the opportunity to live through a real survival situation of 2 weeks. Basic 5 Day Training precedes the survival as individuals and teams on a coastal setting (February) over a period of seven (7 days).

2.3.2. Know the ocean. Focused ocean swimming as well as fitness is done over a two-week period at Stilbaai. Students learn the principles of life saving as well as how to understand the ocean, currents and tides. Basic small boat skills are also done (Beginning of March).

2.3.3. Hike the Knysna Forest. We hike in the Knysna Forest in March over a period of 7 days (End of March). We explore the way of the “houtkappers” as Dalene Matthee teaches us in “Kringe in die Bos”

2.3.4. Hunting and veldkuns as well as farm work. Basic weapon handling, competency, field arts, ecology and farm work are tackled in the Little Karoo in April and May of each year.

2.3.5. Hike the FISH RIVER. We hike the Fish River at the end of May each year. You must qualify for this to join the expedition.

2.3.6. Hunting Expedition. Shoot your first buck with iALA. You must complete a competency phases on weapon skills as well as qualifying shots to join our hunting expedition in July of each year. You will listen to campfire stories that scare you as you write your own adventure.

2.3.7. Small boat handling. Learn to work with small water craft between waves and sail safely out of a harbour during August.

2.3.8. Rebel track. We walk on the footsteps of our country fathers and mothers to discover how the land has been made so that we can live comfortably today. It takes place in September.

2.3.9. SCUBA Dive. Obtain your “Openwater” certificate as you learn to dive.

2.3.10. LEADERSHIP 727 Vasbyt.The application of all the above skills is tested in a two-week tenure between the Klein Karoo and the Sea. You have to navigate yourself over 500km to Stilbaai. You have no support other than your own skills and field knowledge to keep you home safe. Participation is in team context. You must pass a pre-fitness test to participate and qualify. You must be able to row 10km, run 20km and cycle 50km within 24 hours. Knowledge of map work is a requirement.

2.3.11. SABATICAL. We provide 7 day opportunities for families and friends as well as individuals to remove themselves from society and simply organize their lives without social media and day to day routines. A spartan life style of hiking, farm work and fitness is suggested. No alcohol and dependent drugs are allowed during this period of seclusion. Luxury is limited to sleeping, silence and a healthy lifestyle. Daily reflections form part of your routine.


2.4. BRUGJAAR STUDENTE. Hierdie program fokus op 18 – 22-jariges en strek oor 40 weke. Ons kombineer avontuur, ervarings, opleiding sowel as vrywillige bewarings inisiatiewe om persoonlike groei te stimuleer. Die kwaliteit netwerke wat hulle skep, bou of breek ons samelewing. Ons krag lê in ons ontwikkelende gemeenskappe. Die kern van wat aanbeveel word, is die lewering van opvoedkundige dienste met die doel om jongmense toe te rus, opleiding te bied en werksgeleenthede te gee om die behoefte aan basiese sekuriteite te verseker. Dit is een van die prioriteite vir wat in die volgende dekade belangrik sal wees. Die brugjaar student word voorbery in die iALA-program op vier (4) maniere hoe om hul loopbane aan te pak.

“Experiential learning makes experiences the source of learning and development”. Ervaringsleer het verreikende voordele soos o.a beskryf deur Peter Senge “The Fifth Discipline” , 1990. Die teoretiese begronding van hierdie benadering se wortels is geleë in die navorsing van John Dewey, Kurt Lewin en Jean Piaget (Dixon, N.M et al 1997, Learning Style: Assessment, development and measurement).





ErvaringsleerOpleidingKwaliteite van leierskapSelfwerksaamheid


Teikengroep: Skoolverlaters wat gekeur is.
Duur: 10 Weke. Begin 25 Januarie tot 31 Maart 2021.
Aantal: 30
Toelatingsvereiste: Keuring en deurlopende evaluering.


  • Fiksheid deurlopend
  • Groepswerk (Ken die See, paradewerk en groeps aktiwiteite)
  • Persoonlike vaardighede (Higiëne, kleredrag, persoonlike netheid)
  • Veldkuns & Veldgids opleiding
  • Etiese jag & Skietkuns
  • Oorlewing en vasbyt asook kaartwerk en navigasie langs die seekus.
  • Noodhulp Vlak iii (Avontuur risikobestuur en praktiese noodramp toepassing)
  • ‘n WAARDE gedrewe leefstyl
  • Geloof in praktyk
  • Oorlewing, Knysna Bos
  • Akademiese en of tegniese vaardigheids ondersoeke asook loopbaan blootstelling (Opsioneel ekstra R1800)(Akademiese Beroepe) MODULE 2: BESTUURSVAARDIGHEDE

Teikengroep: Voltooiers van Module 1
Duur: 10 Weke. Begin 19 April 2021 tot 25 Junie 2021.
Aantal: < 30
Toelatingsvereiste: Module 1 voltooi en deurlopende evaluering.


  • Begrotings & Persoonlike Finansies
  • Entrepeneurskap
  • Rekenaarvaardighede
  • Bestuursvaardighede
  • AVONTUUR Leierskapsontwikkeling. Groot 5 kwaliteite van leierskap van BUITELUG en AVONTUUR aktiwiteite
  • Basiese regskennis
  • Mentorskap en WOORD in Aksie
  • Wapenbevoegdheid gradering vir wapenbesit (Opsionele ekstra)
  • Konflikhantering en probleemoplossing
  • Selfverdediging
  • Spoorsny
  • Stap Visrivier
  • Jag Ekspedisie (Opsioneel ekstra) MODULE 3: LEIERSKAPS VAARDIGHEDE

Teikengroep: Voltooiers van Module 2
Duur: 12 weke: Begin 2 Augustus tot 29 Oktober 2021.
Aantal: < 30
Toelatingsvereiste: Module 2
Deurlopende Vorderingsrade word gehou.


  • Gesinswaardes & geloof
  • Kulturele diversiteit
  • Emosionele Intelligensie
  • Kleinbootvaardigheid
  • Gemeenskaps projek
  • SCUBA Duik 101
  • Taktiese skiet vlak 1 & 2
  • Strategiese ontwikkeling en beplanning
  • Noodrampbestuur , soek & redding (Lewensredding)
  • Rotsklim en “Rope Access” vaardighede
  • GROOT 5 Leierskap & Toepassing
  • Loopbaan blootstelling (Tegniese Beroepe)
  • Extreme Bootcamp & Finale vasbyt
  • Formele afsluiting & dinee


Die SETA, NQF 5-geakkrediteerde kwalifikasie bemagtig die student as leier om basiese bestuursvaardighede te bemeester om ’n eerste beroep suksesvol aan te pak. Ons noem hierdie diploma; “Avontuur-gebaseerde leierskap- en bestuursvaardighede”. Ons glo dat die belangrikheid van die begrip van die onmiddellike omgewing en die belangrikheid van lewe met ons leerplan aangeleer kan word. Daagliks roetine sluit fiksheid en ‘n keuringsfase van 3 weke in. Dit word opgevolg met die inleiding tot die metodologie en riglyne vir aanlyn-opleiding. Elke fase word voortgebou op die teorie en ‘n opvolging van ‘n praktikum komponente wat ‘n minimum van 120 krediete en 1200 uur se opleiding impliseer. Die diploma moet oor ‘n minimum periode van een jaar, maar hoogstens 24 maande, voltooi word. Studente wat nie hul teorie en praktyk binne hierdie raamwerk voltooi nie, slaag nie. Fases van die opleiding lyk as volg;

Fase i. Avontuur teorie en praktikum
Fase ii. Basiese bestuur
Fase iii. Leierskapsvaardighede
Fase iv. Risiko bestuur

2.6 KORTER AVONTURE. Elkeen van ons wil van tyd tot tyd ’n avontuur aanpak sonder om van voor af te leer hoe om dit te doen. iALA help jou om een van die volgende dinge op jou “wenslys” af te merk;

2.6.1. Oorlewing. Die keuringsfase van iALA bied die geleentheid aan studente om ’n werklike oorlewings situasie van 2 weke te deurleef. Basiese opleiding van 5 Dae gaan die vasbyt vooraf waarna studente oor ’n periode van sewe (7 dae) as individue en spanne moet oorleef langs die see (Februarie).

2.6.2 Ken die see. Intense seeswem asook fiksheid word gedoen oor ’n periode van twee weke op Stilbaai. Studente leer die beginsels van lewensredding asook hoe om seestrome en getye te verstaan. Basiese kleinboot vaardighede word ook gedoen (Begin Maart).

2.6.3 Stap in die Knysna Bos. Ons stap in die Knysna Bos in Maart oor ’n periode van 7 dae (Einde Maart).

2.6.4 Jag en veldkuns asook plaaswerk. Basiese wapenvaardigheid, veldkuns, ekologie en plaaswerk word in April en Mei van elke jaar aangepak in die Klein Karoo.

2.6.5 Stap die VISRIVIER. Ons stap die Visrivier aan die einde van Mei elke jaar. Jy moet kwalifiseer hiervoor om die ekspedisie mee te maak.

2.6.6 Jag Ekspedisie. Skiet jou eerste bok saam met iALA. Jy moet wapenvaardigheid asook kwalifiserende skote skiet om saam te gaan op ons jagekspedisie in Julie van elke jaar. Luister na kampvuur stories wat jou bangmaak oor die grootmenere se jagverhale terwyl jy jou eie avontuur skryf.

2.6.7 Kleinboot vaardighede. Leer om met ’n boot te werk tussen branders en veilig uit ’n hawe te seil gedurende Augustus.

2.6.8 Rebelspoor. Ons stap op die spore van ons landsvaders en moeders om te ontdek hoe die land makgemaak is dat ons vandag gemaklik kan leef. Dit vind in September plaas.

2.6.9 SCUBA Duik. Verwerf jou “Openwater” sertifikaat as jy leer duik.

2.6.10 LEIERSKAP 727 Vasbyt.Die toepassing van al bogenoemde vaardighede word getoets in ’n twee weke vasbyt tussen die Klein Karoo en die See. Jy moet oor ’n afstand van 500km jouself navigeer tot op Stilbaai. Jy het geen ondersteuning behalwe jou eie vaardighede en veldkennis om jou veilig tuis te besorg nie. Deelname is in spanverband. Jy moet ’n vooraf fiksheidstoets slaag om deel te neem en te kwalifiseer. Jy moet 10km kan roei, 20km kan hardloop en 50km kan fietsry binne 24 uur. Kennis van kaartwerk is ’n vereiste.

2.6.11 SABATICAL. Ons bied 7 dag geleenthede aan gesinne en families asook individue om hulself uit die samelewing te verwyder en hul lewe eenvoudig in te rig sonder sosiale media en dag tot dag roetines. ’n Spartaanse lewens styl van veldstap, plaaswerk asook fiksheid word voorgestel.Geen alkohol en afhanklike middels word toegelaat tydens hierdie periode van afsondering. Luukshede word beperk tot slaapplek, stilte en ’n gesonde leefstyl. Daaglikse refleksie vorm deel van jou daaglikse roetine.



The art of successfully handling a weapon is an important skill.




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