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The IALA GAP Year Program started in 2009. What started out as an adventure has grown into an educational experience with Biblical principles and values applying experiential learning principles in the education model. Our program focuses on helping young adults to understand their calling and the environment in which they will function better. Quality communities and networks are built upon values that make strangers, friends. 

We offer the following program options;

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iALA Curriculum



Target group: 17 – 22 YEARS
Duration: 32 Weeks
Quantity: 30

GAP YEAR STUDENTS looking for a program filled with adventure over the period of a full year.

The 32-week GAP YEAR program focuses on students who are ready to take a leap towards the future of value-based leadership. To stand out from your peers our expedition style year will do just that for you. We visit our big five (5) destinations on route to challenge your comfort zones! You can also choose to explore only small seasons of adventure through the ADVENTURE SHORTS program


  • Stilbay and the EDEN District
  • Klein Karoo
  • Hermanus
  • Knysna Forest
  • Fish River Canyon in Namibia
  • Cape Town & Stellenbosch


Season 1: 31 January – 1 April

Season 2: 11 April – 3 June

Season 3: August – 23 September

Season 4: 9 October – 30 November


Target Group: 18 – 22 Years
Duration: 60 – 90 days. Any of the 4 seasons of Gap year between 31 Jan – 30 Nov.
Quantity: <30

Gap year STUDENTS who want to explore only small seasons of adventure.

iALA students complete any 2-3 of these activities in their term. Ocean skills and rockwork, surfing, open water swimming, ocean kayaking, survival, hiking and backpacking, tracking, hunting, outdoor photography, adventure medics, SCUBA, small craft training, mountain biking, abseil, community work, camp master chef, raft building and rope.


  • Personal development
  • Adventure skills: Hiking, Biking and or Ocean Skills
  • Leadership
  • Survival as an optional extra


Season 1: 31 January – 1 April

Season 2: 11 April – 3 June

Season 3: August – 23 September

Season 4: 9 October – 30 November


Target Group: Post grad students
Duration: 90 – 224 days
Quantity: <30

POST GRAD STUDENTS who need experience in general leadership and management. Ideal voluntary program.

The challenges of normal corporate leadership are been explained by Koos Stadler in; “The TEAM Secret”. These principles can be applied during our adventures for the development of leadership. Post graduate students will have the opportunity to test a variety of their newfound skills with experiences in the great outdoors as volunteers and group leaders while being on one of our expeditions like the Fish River Canyon or on the ocean. The principles of sustainable development will enable older student to gain valuable experience for their future careers. Come and explore your potential with us while leading the gap year students to be accountable.


  • Personal development
  • Leadership & Management competencies
  • Choose 3 of 6 adventure competencies
  • One or more adventure experience


Season 1: 31 January – 1 April

Season 2: 11 April – 3 June

Season 3: August – 23 September

Season 4: 9 October – 30 November


Target Group: People 35 years young and older
Duration: 14 – 21 days
Quantity: <30

ADULTS seeking wilderness experiences with likeminded people. Ideally for people looking for a sabbatical.

What do you want to do with the rest of your life as mentors in Biblical leadership?

In Halftime, Bill Buford provides the encouragement and insight to propel your life on a new course to true significance. The important time of transition to the second half of your life became the focus in our OnTrack program.

  • Take stock of your successes and accomplishments thus far
  • Redefine significance and what it means to you
  • Identify your personal goals

Develop a mission for serving God in the second half of your life. New questions for reflection or discussion at the end of each adventure is important and we will; help with the answers! Come and join in on our expeditions!


  • Personal development
  • Leadership & Management competencies
  • Fundamentals of goal setting
  • Redefine significance and what it means to you
  • Identify your personal goals
  • Hiking, Mountain Biking and Ocean kayaking


Season 1: 31 January – 1 April

Season 2: 11 April – 3 June

Season 3: August – 23 September

Season 4: 9 October – 30 November


Target Group: 15 – 17 Years
Duration: 10 -14 days, 11 – 20 December 2021
Quantity: 30+

SCHOOL GROUPS AND YOUTH looking for experiential learning as stimulus to identify leadership.

The “VASBYT” program is a 10-day experience for young adults between 15 and 17 years of age.

We’ve realised that we need to create an environment for young leaders to develop their CHARACTER. The program combines ocean activities, hiking, tracking and survival skills including team building events. Ropework, freediving and ocean paddling are included in the curriculum. On completion, students will need to complete a VASBYT hike to put their competence to the test. It will help if you arrive physically fit on the 11th of December 2021. We are running this activity for the past 3 years with great success.


  • Personal development & Leadership
  • Various adventure exposures
  • Survival
  • Fitness competencies


The art of successfully handling a weapon is an important skill.




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What to Expect

Our program focuses on building interpersonal and outdoor skills that prepare you for leadership and success in school, studies and careers:

Survival. iALA offers students the opportunity to live through a real survival situation. The basic 5 Day Training precedes the survival as individuals and teams on a coastal setting

Know the ocean. Focused Ocean swimming as well as fitness is done over a two-week period at Stilbay. Students learn the principles of life saving as well as how to understand the ocean, currents and tides. Basic small boat skills are also done.

Hike the Knysna Forest. We hike in the Knysna Forest in March over a period of 7 days. We explore the way of the “houtkappers” as Dalene Matthee teaches us in “Kringe in die Bos”

Hunting and veldkuns as well as farm work. Basic weapon handling, competency, field arts, ecology and farm work are tackled in the Klein Karoo.

Hike the FISH RIVER Canyon. We hike the Fish River each year. You must qualify for this to join the expedition, but going through this experience will set you up for any challenge in life.

Hunting Expedition. Shoot your first buck. You must complete a competency phases on weapon skills as well as qualifying shots to join our hunting expedition. You will listen to campfire stories that scare you as you write your own adventure.

Small boat handling. Learn to work with small water craft between waves and sail safely out of a harbour.

Rebel track. We walk on the footsteps of our country fathers and mothers to discover how the land has been made so that we can live comfortably today.

SCUBA Dive. Obtain your “Open water” certificate as you learn to dive.


What you’ll Learn

As a leader, you’ll learn to master basic management skills to successfully tackle your first / current of future career. We believe that the importance of understanding your immediate environment and the importance of life, can be learned with our curriculum. The training starts off with a routine of fitness and personal discipline. This will be followed up by the introduction to the iALA methodology. Every phase is been built upon theory and adventure or expedition in order to working toward sustainable skillsets.

  • Group dynamics
  • Personal development
  • Adventure activities
  • Personal skills
  • Your future careers
  • Entrepreneurship – Leading a team
  • Accountability – Management
  • Sustainability
  • Community service
  • Culture for success / Take stock of your successes up to now
  • Define your future
  • Personal goals
  • Pursue a noble goal

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