Why iALA

At iALA we believe in spending time to develop your potential.

The iALA Adventure and leadership experience enable you to kick-start your future plans by getting hands-on experience and practice. This designed environment will help young people / post-university students, adults in career transition to discover & develop their leadership potential. This is not just another gap year program; it will change your life! Through a combination of adventure, experiences, training as well as voluntary conservation initiatives we stimulate personal growth. 

Education Designed for life

Experiential learning forms the backbone of our curriculum and is built into the framework of the program. This is a powerful way to learn the lessons because it is for life. When you hike through the Fish River Canyon, you learn resilience. When you help your group solve problems, you learn communication. Not fully knowing where the path will lead, you learn to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. When you reflect on this experience with your mentors & instructors, they become more than skills for navigating the hike – they become skills for life

Walk away with

The essence of what is recommended is educational service delivery with the aim of equipping young people, providing training, and providing employment opportunities to assure the need for basic securities. This is one of the top priorities for what will be important in the next decade. GAP YEAR students are prepared in the iALA program to tackle their careers and future. You will walk away with confidence in yourself and in your skills.

iALA is the Life-changing Challenge for YOUR life to find purpose

What we offer

iALA focuses on adventure programs as a stimulus for sustainable personal development. Each and every one of us wants to go on an adventure from time to time without learning how to do this adventure (your personal adventure skills) from scratch. iALA helps you fulfil one of your “wish list” dreams.

What you’ll gain

Build enduring leadership. Leadership is central to live and through adventure & expeditions you will get the opportunity to practice skills like decision-making and communication within real-life settings throughout the program.

Confidence. The iALA experience inspires you to take on new challenges and lead with confidence.

Receive direct, personalised instruction and mentorship. This is the benefit of personalised experience-based program.

Broaden your horizons and understand your purpose in life. You will have the opportunity to live closely with your iALA family and share experiences that will feed your curiosity about the purpose of life.

Develop outdoor skills. Outdoor skills and adventure form the foundation of every expedition and lesson within the iALA program. These are the technical skills you develop while travelling through nature. All while you explore, form a connection to nature and learn to appreciate living simply.

Collaboration and teamwork. The shared experience of working through challenges together builds cohesion that will prepare you and your group for future problem solving.

Personal development. Coachability, Clarity, Competence, Courage and Character.


We need to understand that our own perspective stays out of focus as long as we only see ourselves against the backdrop of reality. Millennials represent not only their generation.  Their emotions are the summary of more than their own time capsule. It symbolises a civilisation lost in time, thinking that their reality is the only one. The iALA program focuses on yesterday, today, and tomorrow!


The quality networks you create, build, or break our society. Our strength lies in our developing communities. Building a successful career is a mammoth task. As our heroes in ICE AGE, we as a team will help you to overcome the seasons of your personal development. Stay in touch, refer future students and support our effort. We will do the same for you!

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