Target group: 18+ YEARS | Duration: 1 Year or part-time 20 Months  | Credits: 120

National Certificate: Adventure-Based Learning

A qualification in Adventure based learning inspires passion, drive, transformation; teaches technical abilities, judgment, interpersonal skills; and gives student the capacity to change the way people think, feel, and perform within the Outdoor Adventure and other industries. In short, the iALA Certificate qualification teaches students to lead any group, in any setting, to any end.


  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Adventure
  • Tourism
  • Sustainable Development & Ecology
  • Adventure Medics


  • FEBRUARY – MARCH, Leadership (Ocean work, ecology,  survival, Risk management, facilitator, adventure planning)(location: Stilbaai & Southern Cape)
  • APRIL – JUNE, Management (Emotional Intelligence, Preferred learning styles, communication, public speaking, record keeping, prepare and manage an adventure and tourism plan)(Location: Hermanus, Cape, Stellenbosch)
  • AUGUST – SEPTEMBER, Applied Wellness & Adventure & Tourism (Mentoring teams, group dynamics, Strategy development, Program development, Adventure. Medics)(Location: Klein Karoo & Namibia)
  • OCTOBER – NOVEMBER, Sustainable Development and Final Assessments (SCUBA and hikes)(Location: Tsitsikamma & Knysna Forest)
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