Apply to iALA Program in South-Africa

Apply today for one of our various iALA programs and adventures in South-Africa. One of our unique experiences will change your life and future career.

The Application Process

iALA has rolling admissions, meaning you may apply and be admitted any time throughout the year for the various programs in South-Africa. When your application is complete and we have received all required documents, your admission decision will take between one and three weeks.

Whether you interested in our Gap Year, National Certificate or joining us on an Expedition / Event, you’ll need to choose a program and find its specific requirements. Follow these four simple steps to apply to iALA programs.

iala Adventure-Based education

I Want to Apply.

STEP 1. Complete the Online Application.

*Please note: This is an application for general admission to iALA. Some programs may require an additional application process.

**All supporting document templates will be emailed on completion of online application.

Program options available:

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I’ve Applied, What’s Next?

STEP 2. After your online application is complete, submit all your supporting documents.

*Check your Application Status.

STEP 3. Make the deposit payment to secure your spot.

**Request invoice for deposit payment with your preferred invoicing details at

STEP 4. Receive login details to online portal after deposit payment. (for e-learning programs)

iALA applications for Adventure-based programs

I’m admitted, Now what?

Now it’s time TO GET READY and start planning! Keep up with your next steps to ensure a smooth transition.

STEP 5. Activate your Login account to receive the following information:

  • Receive program information
  • Schedule your expeditions
  • Get your Packing List

Step 6. Apply for you passport

Step 7. Mark your Calendar!

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