Adventure Gap Year Program

Target group: 17 – 22 YEARS | Duration: 40 Weeks  | Date: January – October

Core: Identity, Value and Personal Development, Career Decision-making, Leadership Qualities, Experiences, Adventure.

“iALA believes in Developing IDENTITY through Adventure-based Experiences”.

iALA Adventure Gap Year program based on Values

Why iALA Adventure Gap Year Program

How do we create events, emotions and stories for young adults on their journey towards their future that consequently out-weights any other form of education and experience?

The iALA program firstly put the Adventure GAP YEAR students in a new learning environment, not similar to the previous 12+ years. Secondly, in a place where students can be more “free and open” as they had their full share of structured education. Finally, within our METHODOLOGY of Adventure-based experiences.

This GAP YEAR program offer an open curriculum but not without boundaries and no compromising on the values we stand for. Identity identifies in values that dictates behaviour and the choices we make. The role iALA’s Adventure GAP YEAR program is playing is to create the environment where important qualities, became second nature. Thus, we facilitate a healthy lifestyle filled with positive values.

All the adventure activities take place against the back ground of values, creativity and problem solving skills. During the iALA Adventure GAP YEAR program we test the students physical fitness, self discipline like leadership, teamwork, self-confidence and communication, craftsmanship both in theory and practice of adventure and create opportunities for acts of service.

Experiential Learning Year: Ctrl / Alt / Delete = Restart

We would like to define why it is important to use adventure as medium for developing human potential. The “how” of our methodology is based upon the theory known as the “four pillars” implemented by Outward Bound. (Kurt Hahn 1960, Walsh & Golins, 1976 and Priest & Gass 1997). In brief, they are: Physical fitness, Self-discipline, Craftsmanship & Service.

What must happen?

iALA Gap Year Experiential learning Methodology

So how will this happen in the Adventure Gap year program?

Ctrl + Alt + Delete: Implies a reset of the hard drive. Hence, after 12+ years in a structured school environment the vast openness of real life is just too big! 

Ctrl:  Young adults need to get in touch with the real self, outside school and outside the comfort of a normal household.

Alt: New world, new rules, and now they will more than ever need an alternative to bullying and peer group pressure. Thus, Adventure stimuli becomes the alternative structured environment, offering the potential to kick the brain into action, literally and by figure of speech!

Delete: Up until now, they have operated within their parents’ safety net, where they had no real-life challenges, and problems were solved for them. That safety net will now be gone (“deleted”), and they now have to learn how to deal with difficult life challenge on their own. Thus, an important step get students to a place where they can develop the skill of critical thinking and creativity. This is the building blocks for success and accountability.

RESTART. iALA Adventure Gap Year program is a year to restart. We can use all sorts of powerful terminology, like career and personal development, but this is only possible within the framework of a proper restart.

“So, let’s go jump, take a leap, go swim where the water is deep!”

What you'll walk away with after iala Adventure Gap year program

Walk away with

GAP YEAR students are prepared in the iALA Adventure program to tackle their careers and future. Importantly we offer all our students a learning experience to enable them to adapt to the new environment of our future. You will walk away with confidence in yourself and in your skills. Set in an outdoor adventure environment that promises an experience of a lifetime.

What you’ll Learn

We believe that the importance of understanding your immediate environment and life, can be learned with our curriculum. Therefore, the training starts off with a routine of fitness and personal discipline habits. This will be followed up by the introduction to the iALA methodology. Every phase is built upon theory and adventure or an expedition in order to work toward sustainable skillsets like:

  • Group dynamics
  • Personal development
  • Various Adventure activities
  • Personal skills
  • Your future careers
  • Entrepreneurship – Leading a team
  • Accountability – Management
  • Sustainability
  • Community Service 
  • Culture for success / Take stock of your successes up to now
  • Define your future
  • Personal goals
  • Pursue a noble goal
  • Purpose in life

What you’ll gain

  • Leadership skills. Leadership is central to live and through adventure & expeditions you will get the opportunity to practice skills like decision-making and communication within real-life settings throughout the program.
  • Confidence. The iALA experience inspires you to take on new challenges and lead with confidence within a safe environment.
  • Receive direct, personalised instruction and mentorship. This is the benefit of personalised adventure experience-based program.
  • Broaden your horizons and understand your purpose in life. You will have the opportunity to live closely with your iALA family and share experiences that will feed your curiosity about the purpose of life.
  • Develop Outdoor Adventure skills. Outdoor skills and adventure form the foundation of every expedition and lesson within the iALA Gap Year program South-Africa. These are the technical skills you develop while travelling through nature. All while you explore, form a connection to nature and learn to appreciate living simply.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork. The shared experience of working through challenges together builds cohesion that will prepare you and your group for future problem solving.
  • Personal development and Values. Coachability, Clarity, Competence, Courage and Character.

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